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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I just didn’t like the idea of an agent running a bunch of people through Mom’s house, and TN Homebuyers made it easy for me to sell the house without all of the hassles. TN Homebuyers was there when I needed them, and they took all of the worries of selling the house away.”

L. Brown
Nashville, TN

“We had a unique estate situation and didn’t know all of the hurdles that we would face in selling the house.  TN Homebuyers took over the headaches and helped us through the whole process and made everything easy. I didn’t look forward to the long process of going through an agent and then having to deal with the repairs that a homeowner might request. TN Homebuyers wanted to take the house just like it was and close on our time frame.”

B. Snyder
Nashville, TN

“It was a comforting feeling to know that TN Homebuyers is a Christian organization.  I knew they would do what they said, and they did.  They closed on the house quickly and took care of everything. We had a short time frame in which we needed to sell the house.  TN Homebuyers realized our concerns. I enjoyed working with TN Homebuyers.  They were very friendly and took care of everything.  We needed to close quickly, and they made that happen for my sister and I.”

K. Albritton
Clarksville, TN

This was a home that I had bought a few years ago and lived in until I moved to my new house and let family live in this one.  No one takes care of a place as well as you do yourself I guess, so after a couple of years my showplace needed a lot of work and repairs.  I was going to list it with a real estate agent, but they all kept telling me it needed work to be done before they would put it on the market, and I just didn’t want to fool with it so the house sat vacant for awhile.  I had been getting these postcards from TN Homebuyers over the years and hadn’t really thought much about them until I got another one in the mail.  I figured I’d call them out and see what they thought.  Jeremy came out and made me an offer right on the spot.  He didn’t ask me to do any kind of repairs and said he’d take the house just like it was and I wouldn’t have to do a single thing.  I felt like the offer was fair and told him I was ready to go ahead and do something with the house.  Before I knew it, they were ready to close on the house.  I hadn’t been feeling well and couldn’t make it to the closing, so Jeremy actually came to my house!  Now that’s service.  I had my money that afternoon.  I just want to thank Jeremy and TN Homebuyers for making everything so easy.

M. Campbell
Madi, TN

I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my thanks for making the sell of my 3 rental properties in Nashville go so smoothly. Closing out 3 properties long distance could have been complicated. I especially want to praise Jeremy, Erica, and Amanda. They were very professional in all their dealings while at the same time, treating me with kindness and respect. It was a pleasure working with them. 
C. Haynes
Sarasota, FL


A few months ago I sold one of my rental homes to TN Homebuyers.  I hadn’t planned on selling another one right away, but when I started having trouble with one of my tenants I decided to call Jeremy back.  He told me that they would take care of everything and they did.  I got a fair price for this house, and I don’t ever have to worry about that tenant again!  Thank you for making everything so easy AGAIN!

J. Miller
Old Hickory, TN

TN Homebuyers bought my home at a time when I didn’t think I would even be able to sell it.  It had been a rental and the tenants really neglected it.  Once I saw the repairs that it was going to need, I thought I might have to do a lot of work to it to even be able to get rid of it, but TN Homebuyers was willing to take the home just like it was.  I didn’t have to do any repairs and we were able to get everything taken care of in a few days.  Thank you.

W. Fleming
Nashville, TN

I really hadn’t thought about selling any of my rental property until my tenant moved out in the middle of the night and left me with a lot of work to do.  I had still planned on fixing it back up and renting it again, but I thought I’d just call to see if anyone was interested.  I met Jeremy with TN Homebuyers, and he made everything sound so easy that I thought I would give it a try.  We were able to close within a week and it was even easier than I had expected.  If I decide to sell another house, Jeremy will be the first person I call.

S. Payne
Old Hickory, TN

We were a little skeptical of calling an investment company to look at mom’s house, but after checking up on TN Homebuyers we found that they had a great reputation so we went ahead and gave them a call.  Jeremy came out and met with us.  We found him to be very friendly and easy to talk to.  He was able to make us an offer right away and we were able to close on the home quickly.  They even helped us get a water bill lowered because of some leaky pipes that had been dripping.  They gave us a receipt where they had it fixed and the water company took care of the rest.  They didn’t have to do that, but it really helped and we are very thankful.

S. Griffith
Madison, TN

My husband and I have several rentals and we decided to downsize a little.  This had been a good property for us, but it was time to let it go.  TN Homebuyers came out and looked at the property and were able to make me a fair offer and took care of everything for us.  I will be calling them when we get ready to sell our next one.  Thanks TN Homebuyers.
D. Morrison
Nashville, TN

My home was flooded in the May floods of 2010.  It was a time of uncertainty and chaos, and I was trying to get everything back together again.  I knew that I didn’t want to live in the house anymore but didn’t know what I would be able to do with it.  I couldn’t imagine anyone even being interested in a flood damaged house, but I had a little postcard from TN Homebuyers and I thought I would give it a chance.  Although the home needed a lot of work, they were able to make me a fair offer and then went out of their way to make everything as easy for me as they possibly could.  They closed very quickly and then were so helpful in my time of distress.  I was able to close that chapter of my life and start fresh.  I am so glad that I called. 

J. Butler
Old Hickory, TN

I have a few rental properties that my husband and I purchased years ago.  The rental income has been good over the years, but I decided I’d like to have a lump sum to enjoy in my retirement.  I called Jeremy from TN Homebuyers and we met at the house.  He made me an offer that day and before I knew it I had my money.  TN Homebuyers was willing to take it off of my hands with my renters still in the house and everything.  I will be calling them again when I want to sell another house.

J. Miller
Nashville, TN

My back was really against a wall.  I was having some trouble with my mortgage company and I wasn’t sure what to do.  I called TN Homebuyers to see if they could help.  They gave me a fair price for my house and took care of all of the issues with the mortgage company.  It made it very easy for me.  They worked it out so I could stay in my house until I found another place.  I just couldn’t imagine they could make it that easy.  I don’t know what I would have done without them.  Thank you very much.

J. Jones
Nashville, TN

We had a unique property that had two houses on it.  They both needed some work, and we didn’t know who would buy them.  We called TN Homebuyers because we liked the idea of being able to sell these without a lot of hassles.  We knew that it might be a long wait to sell them if we went with a real estate company, and we really just wanted to be done with it all.  Jeremy came out and met with us.  He was able to come up with something that would work for all of us and they made it so simple.  There were several family members and they made the closing process easy for everyone, and we all had our money in just  a few days.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Rhodes Family
Nashville, TN

I bought this property for a rental and it had been pretty good to me.  I had some tenants that were becoming more and more difficult as time went along.  I was having to chase them for my rent and they really were not keeping the place up very well.  I finally had enough and decided to sell.  I figured it would be hard to sell the home with difficult tenants in it, but TN Homebuyers assured me that it’s something they deal with all the time.  They were able to pay me a fair price for the house and they took over the management of my tenants.  It was a huge relief to not have to worry about that anymore.  Thank you TN Homebuyers.

W. Lyles
Nashville, TN

This home had been in the family for three generations.  My husband and I hated to leave it, but we had always wanted to move to California for our retirement years.  We had an opportunity to move to a wonderful home out there, but we needed to sell this one first.  I was so torn about what to do.  I really didn’t want to take the time to list it with a Realtor and wait for it to sell, and I really hated to see the house go to someone who would not appreciate its originality.  I called TN Homebuyers and met with Jeremy.  He spent an afternoon with me and explained exactly how they would be able to close quickly and how they could make everything easy for us.  I could tell that he really appreciated the historical features of the home and the stories behind them.  I know that the house will be restored to its original charm for someone to enjoy again.  We were able to close on the home quickly and then they were flexible with me and gave me time to get everything packed and moved.  Now we are free to enjoy our retirement without having to worry about what will happen to the old family home.  I really enjoyed getting to meet Jeremy and I cannot thank TN Homebuyers enough.

B. Shacklett
Nashville, TN

TN Homebuyers made selling my estate property very easy. Thank you!

E. Boyd
Goodlettsville, TN

Jeremy and TN Homebuyers helped us sell our rental home without having to do a single thing.  It needed quite a bit of work, and the idea of having to spend a lot of time and money to fix it up was not very appealing.  We weren't sure about selling the home to an investment company at first so we called several people and real estate agents.  We looked at all of our options and decided that Jeremy could provide the best and easiest solution.  We were able to sell our home quickly with no hassles for a fair price and will call again when we are ready to sell another home.  Thanks for everything.

S. Payne, March 2010
Old Hickory, TN

Jeremy made the whole process of selling my two houses very easy, took care of all of the running around and hard work, and took over my codes problems.  What a relief.  I'm using the money from the sale to pay off personal debt so I don't have that headache either.  Thank you!

J. Ayers, 2/15/10
Nashville, TN

"I remodeled the house about 12 years ago and rented it out. The last tenants I had didn’t take care of anything and completely tore up the house. When they moved I was so tired of dealing with tenants that I just boarded up the home and used it for storage.


I kept receiving post cards from TN Homebuyers but didn’t think I would be able to sell for a fair price based on the condition of the home. I decided to call one day and was so ecstatic that Dan offered to buy the house as-is for a fair price. He even gave me time to get my belongings out and close when I was ready.


Thanks Dan, I am so thankful to longer be worried by the house and able to invest my money elsewhere"

L. Townsend
Nashville, TN

"I was really skeptical when I first called TN Homebuyers. I had been receiving mail from them for years and one day I seen their TV commercial so I decided to pick up the phone and call. After our conversation I realized they were extremely knowledgeable. They gave me a good price and closed on my terms. I wanted a chance to look for a smaller home and when I found it they arranged everything. Thank you TN Homebuyers for making everything so easy."
B. Johnson 9/1/09
Nashville, TN

"I had been renting the home for years when the tenant moved out. I didn't want to fool with finding anther tenant, so I called TN Homebuyers. They had been sending me post cards for years and it wasn’t until now that I was interested in selling. Jeremy came out and we agreed on a price. I didn't have to repair or renovate anything and they whole process was smooth and painless"

J. Poston 8/11/09
Nashville, TN

"My grandfather died a short while back and I was responsible for handling the estate. It was a long and tiring process and one of the last things left to do was sell his home. I called and talked with Ericka about the house and within hours Jeremy met me at the home and gave me a written offer. We closed quickly, and the estate settled sooner than anticipated. If I have to sell a home again, I will contact you.


D. Marshall 10/21/2009
Nashville, TN

"I had an offer from another investor that promised to close quickly and take care of everything. Of course he did not deliver. He called, backed out of deal, and left me hanging. I had recently downsized into something easier to maintain and decided that I didn’t want to be a landlord. I called TN Homebuyers and unlike the first investor they did everything they said they would do. They even let me pick the day I wanted to close and scheduled everything around what worked for me. It’s refreshing to know there are still people out there that value their word. I would recommend TN Homebuyers to anyone that is looking to sell their home in the easiest and quickest way possible"

D. Martin 8/7/09
Goodlettsville, TN

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me work through the situation I got myself into. One day I was reading the newspaper and saw your advertisement for buying houses. I called and talked with Jeremy then he can out and looked at my house. Things just fell together after that and what a blessing it was. I had already found another home and was able to put my bid in with the comfort of knowing that I already had a buyer for mine. When it came time to close Amanda worked with me to ensure I could move right into my new home without having to move twice. I found the entire experience to be quick and painless.


Thank you for being honest and straight-forward and doing what you said you would do."
S. Stamps
Nashville, TN

“Thank you very much TN Homebuyers. Not only did you buy our home and do exactly what you said you were going to do but you gave us freedom. When the tenants decided to put us through the yo-yo of not knowing when they were going to pay you came in and handled everything. I didn’t even have to talk with the tenants again and they were no longer our problem. Thank you, you really helped us out when we needed it the most."

B. Kimbro
Antioch, TN

“The staff with TN Homebuyers was incredibly helpful. I inherited a home from my mom who had recently passed away and when issues arose about the title search, they were resolved quickly - and without any cost to me! They even closed and gave me additional time to move some belongings out of the home. They worked around my schedule to help get everything taken care of. I would recommend TN Homebuyers anyone I know looking to sell a home quickly and easily as possible.”

R. Louder
Clarksville, TN

“I found TN Homebuyers in the Yellow Pages and was skeptical but I had tenants that weren’t paying and I needed to the sell the home quickly because I depended on the income. They met me at the home the same afternoon I called and made me an acceptable offer. They bought the home with the tenants still there and closed within 4 days! In less than a week from calling TN Homebuyers bought my house and relieved my stress. Thank you TN Homebuyers, I really do appreciate everything you’ve done.”

R. LaRue
Joelton, TN

“What a blessing it was to find TN Homebuyers. I was overwhelmed trying to keep up with the house’s maintenance and repairs. Between working all the time and struggling to make the payments, I was at my wits end. When I called Dan, he worked around my schedule to meet with me. They handled all the paperwork and even closed while we were still living there, this gave us the extra time we needed to get moved. Amanda even helped us find a new home! TN Homebuyers went above and beyond to help this transaction be smooth as possible for me and my family and I really appreciate everything they’ve done.”

Nashville, TN

“I had talked with several buyers about buying my rental property. Some made promises but never came through. I called TN Homebuyers and they came out the same day, made me a fair offer, and handled all the paperwork. I had my cash in less than a week. Now that’s what I call service.”

Springfield, TN

“My house had been on the market for over a year. I was fed up with the whole process. A friend at church referred me to TN Homebuyers. Dan came out and offered to help me retail my house to get the most money and also made me a cash offer. The simple cash route was too hard to resist and I couldn’t be happier.”

J. Hollingsworth
Joelton, TN

"I called Tennessee Homebuyers about a house I no longer needed. Dan made me an all cash offer but was able to pay me more if I could do owner financing and take monthly payments. I didn't need the money for the house right away and I liked the idea of the higher price; so I took the terms offer. We received the check every month ahead of time. Anytime I had a question about details like insurance or taxes, they were always available to take my call. When the note came due, I signed a payoff letter and got a check for the balance of the loan, it was that simple. Whatever concerns I had about ‘being the bank’ and carrying the loan went away quickly when I saw that Tennessee Homebuyers is ran with integrity and put's their customers first. Thanks guys, for making what seemed complex very easy. I'd tell anyone that they can trust you to do what you say."
Hank Franz 3/30/09
La Vergne, TN

"I was settling my father’s estate and was overwhelmed by the Probate process. Dan made me a fair offer and Amanda in his office worked quickly to take care of everything so I didn’t have too. They bought the home as-is without me having to spend hours cleaning and repairing, handled all the paperwork with the court to finalize my father’s estate, and let me choice the closing date of my choice. I felt good about the way the whole thing was handled; all I had to do was show up and sign. Everything went absolutely smooth, I was able to pay off my father’s debt and still have money left over for me and my kids. Now I can focus on what I enjoy, spending time at my cabin in the mountains. Thank you for helping me move on to a new chapter in my life.”

Mike Rogers 3/2009
Nashville, TN

"I made one call to Tennessee Homebuyers. A buyer came out to look at our house, and in less than two weeks I had my cash. I am pleased to give TN Homebuyers a total thumbs up. A very easy and personable company to deal with.”

David Highland
Springfield, TN

"Working with TN Homebuyers went just fine. My renters were not doing what they were suppose to. TN Homebuyers bought two of my rental houses with the tenants in it so I didn’t have to worry with collecting rents or making them move. They did everything they promised and the deal went well. I am so glad I gave them a call. You never know what to expect from people these days, but I would tell anyone they can trust this company. I will call them again the next time I decide to sell a rental."
W. Britt, January 2, 2009
Clarksville, TN

“Tennessee Homebuyer's methods of conducting business are very fair and I found my association with Dan to be very pleasant. Thanks for buying my condo fast!”

Michael Pendergrass
Nashville, TN

“These guys do what they say they are going to do. I was pleased all the way around with our quick transaction.”

H. Brown
Murfreesboro, TN

“I was pleased with the communication and level of service I received. TN Homebuyers made selling my property a breeze even though I live two hours away. They handled all of the paperwork and I received the money we agreed upon quickly. They are a very courteous and straightforward company to deal with.”

R. McClellan
Hohenwald, TN

“Dan Lain does what he says he is going to do and he is the kind of person I enjoy doing business with.”

Roy Matlock, Sr.
Nashville, TN

“Our inherited property had codes violations and was scheduled to be demolished by the state. TN Homebuyers bought our property as is. They closed quickly and we got our cash.”

Robert & Melinda Manning
Nashville, TN

“Our property had foundation problems and the interior needed repairs. THB purchased the property as-is. Once we agreed on a price, they handled all of the paperwork and closed quickly. They even came to our home for closing so we didn't have to get out in the cold. I would recommend TN Homebuyers to other home owners who want to sell their property quickly.”

M. Bass 2/18/04
Nashville, TN

“Tennessee Homebuyers did what they promised to do - have the house sold on time with minimal effort on my part. Thanks! Great on follow up & phone contact.”

A. Stephens, 5/28/04
Nashville, TN

“Dan thanks for doing exactly what you said you were going to do. Our deal was agreeable and the language was easy to understand. In other real estate transactions, I have been confused with complicated settlement statements and given real estate jargon as explanations. But not this time, you made it clear and easy to understand, and everything went as expected at closing. I am excited to have sold my property effortlessly and now I won't be dealing with anymore tenants!"  

G.Tate 7/1/05
Waverly, TN

“Everything was taken care of in a timely and professional manner. I got my asking price and did not have to do any repairs to the house.

I'll admit, I was a little skeptical at first, it all sounded so easy, but everything went as promised and we closed with no hassles. I am very happy to have sold the property and could recommend THB / Nashville No Agent to anyone.”

Bob, 7/28/05
Nashville, TN

"Dan is a very nice man; he went all out to help us. The sale of our house was quick and professional. I would recommend TN Homebuyers / No Agent to anyone."
Charlene Allen, November 28, 2005
Nashville, TN

"I'm glad I didn't throw away the flyer from Dan. This has been an answer to my prayers. Dan is a great guy and easy to work with."
Linda Bowman, December 5, 2005
Nashville, TN

"Thank you for coming to me to do all the paperwork and closing. I never even had to go back to the house which was a relief. Great job!"
William W. Foriest, January 3, 2006
Nashville, TN

"I wanted to write you a note to express my appreciation for your excellent service. You have shown me that the process of selling a condo does not have to be a painful experience. I sold my condo quickly, at a fair price, and without having to deal with the entire process of having to list and show my home...there were no surprises, everything went smoothly and as was a relief to get it sold and I haven't had to worry with it since."
Carol Macey, February 11, 2003
Nashville, TN

"The transaction was very easy and not stressful."
Robert Smith, Jr. February 15, 2006
Cross Plains, TN

"Every person I spoke to was so kind and helpful. Very Christian like atmosphere."
Dorthy Burks, April 13, 2006
Nashville, TN

"This was the easiest transaction that I have ever made. This has really helped relieve some stress for me and my husband and I feel good that now the property will be taken care of. They put me at ease from the beginning and I felt I could trust them."
Anita F. Bustos, May 25, 2006
Raleigh, NC

"I was tired of dealing with my rental property. My last tenants tore it up and I dreaded the thought of the time, effort and money I was going to spend in getting the house fixed up to rent or sell. I called Tennessee Homebuyers and Dan showed me how I could sell the house as is and still keep the rental income coming in without dealing with the headaches of repairs and tenants. Now I'm spending my retirement doing what I want to do, the check is in the mailbox every month, and I don't have to worry with the house or renters. It was a pleasure to do business with you guys and I can honestly recommend TN Homebuyers to anyone wanting to sell."
Fred Powell, June 9, 2006
Old Hickory, TN

"I’m so thrilled with TN Homebuyers Inc., my wife and I just went to buy a new house and we’ve had some credit problems in the past.  But when they ran our credit, we were thrilled to discover that our credit rating had jumped by over 100 points in just the last year and a half since you’ve been making our old house payment on time each month.

Thanks so much.  You helped us when we needed to sell fast and now you’ve helped us again to get a lower payment on our new house.  You guys are great and we’d recommend you to anyone."
Doug Shelley, October 18, 2006
Smyrna, TN

"I have been in the rental business a long time and I am just tired of dealing with the hassles. My tenants were not paying rent on time and the house needed a lot of work. What a relief it has been to sell the house without having to ask the tenants to leave or to worry with an eviction. TN Homebuyers handled all the paperwork and even worked with the courts to clear up some title issues so we could close fast. Now I am out of the Land lording business and I feel great. I would recommend TN Homebuyers to anyone; they are honest and easy to do business with."
Russel Merriweather, December 13, 2006
Nashville, TN

"This is a big relief to my rental houses sold. Since I am a widow, I didn't have time to make repairs and deal with tenants. TN Homebuyers bought both of my houses. The closings went well and smooth and now I feel great to have my money and no more headaches."
Jo Brumley, December 18, 2006
Ashland City, TN

"I enjoyed working with Dan, I learned a lot."

Richard Barr, February 13, 2007
Hermitage, TN

"I wanted to write you to express my appreciation for all of your help with my property. My tenants stopped paying rent and I found that the house was not being kept up.  TN Homebuyers bought the house as is, quickly and even helped with getting the dead beat tenant out. I am so happy to be done with the property and I hope you have better luck than I did with renters. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to sell a house quickly. We have one more rental to sell and I will be calling you when we get ready. Thanks Again."
Jerome Hoard, February 28, 2007
Nashville, TN

"I just want to thank everyone over at TN Homebuyers for your speedy service. What a relief it has been to get my property sold. I let family members live in my home and they destroyed it. I didn't have the money or the patience to do the clean up and wait for a retail buyer. I called TN Homebuyers to see if they could help. Dan came out and made me a fair offer and I literally had my cash in less than a week. Now I can move on and stop worrying about the house and bills. Thanks again and keep up the great work."
Gary McCormick, August 16, 2007
Nashville, TN

"I am so relieved. I wanted to move back north near my family. My house needed a fair amount of work and I just didn't have the time or the energy to make it ready for the retail market. I also needed to be moved before winter but need the flexibility of knowing my house was sold when I found another home. TN Homebuyer delivered in a big way. Dan made me a fair cash offer on my house. He even agreed to close, get me my cash for moving and allow me to stay in the house for a few weeks while I made my transition. It was truly a win/win and I would recommend TN Homebuyers to anyone who wants to sell fast. TN Homebuyers is a first class operation."
Sally Childs, August 20, 2007
Madison, TN

"I wanted to sell my rental property fast. I have had it a long time and I was just ready to get out of the business. I am completely satisfied with Dan and TN Homebuyers. He bought my house in less than a week, paid cash and handled all the paperwork. We never even met or did a contract, he told me what he would pay, I was happy with it and I showed up to close a few days later. Everything went smooth. You don't meet people that do what they say very often anymore. I am happy to say Dan and TN Homebuyers walks the walk. Thanks for making the sale so easy."
Charlie Huffines, September 7, 2007
Nashville, TN

"My house was not a fit for what TN Homebuyers was looking for. However, Dan helped get my property sold at no cost. I really appreciate all of the help. TN Homebuyers went out of their way to help me get rid of my beat up rental. Thanks for all the help; it is a blessing to be out from under the loan.

Best Wishes"
Margaret Manier, September 27, 2007
Old Hickory, TN

"Thank you very much for making it fast and easy. I have never sold a house so easy and worry free. Thanks again."

Gerri Langson, October 12, 2007
Lawton, OK

"I was tired of being a landlord, dealing with tenant and repairs. My rental house needed work and I just didn't want to fool with it. TN Homebuyers bought my property as-is with the tenants in the property. It is such a relief to have one less thing to worry about. We closed quickly and they handled everything. Thanks for making selling so easy."
Bessie Leavelle, November 13, 2007
Clarksville, TN

"I had always wondered if those 'We Buy Houses' ads were for real, well Dan proved his was. You guys looked at my house without me even having to take off work to meet you. You made a fair offer and handled all the details; all I did was show up to closing and get a check. Thanks again. No more repairs or maintenance..this is truly a happy day."
David Small, November 20, 2007
Clarksville, TN

"What a blessing to have my house sold. I was in a mess with IRS liens and tenants who just wouldn't pay. The Metro codes department had been on me about the property's condition and I was fed up. TN Homebuyers worked with me for over a year to get all the title issues cleared up so we could close. They even helped by getting that good for nothing tenant that wouldn't pay rent out of my house. Thanks for everything, I would not have been able to sell without all of your help, you did more for me than the attorney I hired to help. I hope you make a good profit for al of your hard work."
Thelma Johnson, November 23, 2007
Nashville, TN

"My rental house had been torn up by tenants and needed repairs. I own other properties and just didn't have the time to fool with this one. The last straw was when a worker who had a key stole the copper out of my air unit. I called TN Homebuyers off a postcard I received in the mail not thinking that we would be able to work anything out. They came out and made me a cash offer on the spot. I thought it was reasonable so I took it. We closed in about two weeks and I had the cash and no more worries about the house. What a relief. Thanks guys, you made my New Year a happy one!!"
Oliver Cobb, December 30, 2007
Clarksville, TN

"Wow...this is what I call fast service. I called TN Homebuyers about a house that I no longer needed. It was in good shape but I didn't want the hassle of listing it, dealing with agents or retail buyers. The thought of loans falling through and myself having to keep the house cleaned up after showings made my stomach hurt. I had several options, but what I was really looking for was a fair price, a hassle free sale, and a fast close.

TN Homebuyers delivered! Our initial meeting was only about 30 minutes and we closed for all cash just a few days later. I would never have believed it could be that easy; but it was. Everything was clear cut and I am happy as I can be not to have the house to worry with in this new year.

Thanks for making my life better, hope the property works out well for you."
W. McNeil, January 14, 2008
Nashville, TN

"TN Homebuyers did exactly what they said. They handled all the paperwork and made selling my father in laws property easy. We closed by Fed-Ex so I didn't have to take time out to drive to Nashville. A very trustworthy company to do business with."
Ken Prall, February 8, 2008
Knoxville, TN

"Thanks to everyone at TN Homebuyers Inc. I was very skeptical of selling my property to an investment company because of all the horror stories and scams you see in the news. It sounded so easy and almost too good to be true. There were 6 heirs involved and we had not probated the estate. TN Homebuyers rolled up their sleeves and got all the documentation in place for us to sell. The closing went smooth and it feels so good to have this burden off of me as executor and it's so nice to have the extra money in the bank. Thanks again for doing exactly what you promised and making things so very easy. Dealing with Dan, Amanda and Hal was a blessing."
Rochelle Cunningham, February 28, 2008
Morganfield, KY

"I had gotten several notes in the mail from people interested in buying my house. The Lord led me to call you and I was really glad for that. The sell of my rental property went very well and I am so thankful for the service. The house had the same occupant for 18 years and it needed a lot of work. I received a fair price and we closed within a few days. It was a pleasure dealing with Dan and TN Homebuyers."

H. Gober, April 25, 2008
Nashville, TN

"Dealing with Dan and his company has been a pleasant experience. He is an honest man and everything he said was found to be true. He made a very fair offer for my property and the closing was extremely smooth."
S. Valdes, April 30, 2008
Nashville, TN

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